Future Lisa's artwork made of materials from the shores of Lake Superior
Zeodrift Sculptures
Tall Tree and Small Tree at the 2002 Pride Art Show ---->

Zeodrift Sculptures are original, one-of-a-kind, sculptures made using driftwood, wire, rocks and jewelry. I create "bugs" and larger pieces to hang on the wall, to hold your papers down on your desk, or to be kept as sculptures to entertain you.

I have been making these sculptures for over 6 years. I love to bring the wood and rocks to life. To give them personalities.....
To put them together so they glint from distant lights as they
hang on your walls.

I love to see people smile as they see and touch my sculptures for the first time.

<----This Picture was taken at the Gay Pride Art Show, MPLS, MN in 2003

Keyhole Tree at the Pride Art Show 2003 --->

I can make custom sculptures using things that have meaning to you. Incorporating jewelry, fabric, old watches, almost anything into an original sculpture for you to hang on your wall or display on a table or shelf.

I leave the materials I find in their original state. I do not cut the wood or polish the stones, I leave them as nature intended them to look. They have been sculpted by Lake Superior. I put them into a new form using wire and jewelry and beads to bring out their "personalities".

<----- Tall Tree
Zeodrift Sculptures have been featured in the 2000
University of Minnesota's National Woman's Teleconference Art Show,
the 2002 Minnesota Pride Art Show, the 2003 BECAUSE Regional Conference Art Show, and at the 2003 Minnesota Pride Art Show.

Bettys Pies at Pride Art Show 2003---->

<----Chew Birch at 2003 Pride Art Show
Contact me at futurelisa2@yahoo.com
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or if you wish to purchase any pieces.

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